Can I attend TempleFest?

Registration for TempleFest will begin in Spring 2020.


Can I download a copy of the schedule?

A PDF will be available for download once the schedule is done. The schedule is subject to change and will also be most current on the website. Visit the Events page for the schedule and download link.

What time does TempleFest start and end?

TempleFest opens on Thursday 20 August 2020 at 5:00pm and closes on Sunday 23 August 2020 at 3:00pm.

Can I still attend if I didn't register?

Preregistration is required.

What is the cost to attend TempleFest?

Registration Fee (includes all meals)

Adults 18+ …………….. $175

Teens 12-17 …………… $130

Children 6-11 ………… $100

Children <6 ……………. Free

Lodging Options

(Cost is per person for three nights)

Cabin …………………… $150

Dorm …………………… $125

Yurt ……………………… $100

Tent spaces will be limited, and ONLY released for purchase once the above lodging options are reaching capacity.

Is the lodging fee in addition to the registration fee?

Yes. The registration fee includes all meals, and the lodging fee is additional.

What information do you have for vendors interested in vending at TempleFest?

Email us if you’re interested in vending.

Do you have more information on the lodging options?

Floor plans for cabins and dorms can be viewed at this link:
Cabins house four to eight people and the dorms (Willa Cather, Mary Bethune, and Robert Frost) will hold several dozen people each.  Yurts are large circular tents on platforms; each sleeps six.
All facilities have indoor plumbing, including showers. Some portion of the buildings will be designated as single gender, and we will do our best to allow groups to house together.
Attendees 17 and under must be lodged with a parent or guardian.

Are there bathroom and shower facilities available?

We heard you asking for showers and are happy to announce that the Sargent Center has bathrooms and showers!

Can I bring my children?

Yes! TempleFest has a special children’s schedule on Saturday.

Can I bring my pets?

Sorry, but only registered service animals are allowed.

What classes, activities, and rituals are planned?

The TempleFest schedule of events will be listed on the events page. You can also download a PDF of the schedule.

Schedule is subject to change. Schedule changes during the event will be available at the information desk and announced during breakfast.

I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?

Volunteers are always welcome. Please check in at information when you arrive and we’ll direct you to our volunteer coordinator.


Is parking available?

Yes, free parking is available.

What should I bring with me?

We strongly encourage a “carry-in / carry-out” policy. We recommend that ALL TempleFest participants bring:

  • a water bottle; there are water refill stations available
  • sunscreen and rain gear as appropriate
  • bug repellent
  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • snacks
  • a drum for the drum circle (if you have one and choose to participate)
  • a chair


Do we bring our own bedding/linens?

You can bring a sleeping bag or bedding. Linens are not available at the facility.

How should I dress?

We encourage you to attend the festival in your best pagan or faery finery, especially for our ritual celebrations. But comfort is important too, so dress for the weather!

What happens in case of inclement weather?

The festival goes on! You won’t melt, but we don’t guarantee that, so bring an umbrella if weather is looking like it might get wet. There are indoor classrooms, as well as outside areas that we will be using.

What is the setting/terrain like?

Nature’s Classroom at the Sargent’s Center has a paved road to the cabins and main classrooms that you can walk on. Cars will not be allowed to drive around while the festival is open. Terrain is still a little uneven getting in and out of cabins, and through the wooded areas to the fire pit and yurts.

What about food?

Food is included in the cost to attend TempleFest.

The meal plan will include dinner on Thursday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast/lunch on Sunday.  The menu will be include vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options.

You may wish to bring snacks. Be aware that the Sargent Center is in a wooded area and wildlife is nearby.


How do I get a TempleFest T-shirt?

TempleFest T-shirts are ONLY AVAILABLE by Pre-order when registering for the event.

***There will not be T-shirts available to buy onsite***

If you order a t-shirt, you will be picking it up with the rest of your information packet when you arrive.

Will bottled water be available?

Please bring your own water bottle. Water will be available at refill stations. If you forget your water bottle, you can purchase one from the Temple Store.

I have physical disabilities. Can I still attend?

Yes! But please be aware that the terrain is grassy, with stone and dirt paths, and can be slightly uneven. We regret that we cannot make special accommodations, but the land and location of TempleFest imposes certain restrictions.

I just want to attend the Lammas ritual on Saturday, is that okay?

The Sargent Center has a maximum capacity of 250 people.  If we do not reach this number by the time registration closes, we will release some tickets to attend the Lammas ritual on Saturday. The cost for only attending the ritual is $25.

What is the TempleFest smoking/alcohol policy?

Smokers, please be respectful of nonsmokers and only use the designated smoking area. If you do bring alcohol to the festival please keep it for your personal use only and be mindful that TempleFest is a family-friendly event. Alcohol and/or tobacco are not permitted at the sacred fire area or in ritual space except for ceremonial purposes as arranged by the ritual leaders. Illegal drugs are prohibited.

What kind of security is available?

Aries Ministry will be providing general security.

Templefest and the Temple of Witchcraft is not responsible for any belongings or valuables left unattended.